February 2023 trip

We have a trip planned for February 2023 and have 9 people on the team. We are planning on several different activities this trip and it is an interesting group of folks. Our main focus is always ministry representing Jesus Christ and teaching the love that comes from the Holy Spirit. One of our friends is going to teach a start up business course to a group of young people, and this will be a full day with handout information in Spanish.
Two more will be spending a day and a half teaching on the indwelling Spirit of Christ in our lives. “Not I but Christ” as stated in Galatians 2:20.
We will also take a trip to the westernmost area of the island that suffer much damage from the hurricane Ian that hit Florida in September. We are taking them much needed medicine and getting and idea of needs going forward.
We also will spend time in youth ministry at the church on Saturday and speak at house churches Sunday morning. It’s going to be a wonderful time spent with wonderful people. Our next planned trip is in august of next year, Happy New Year!