August 2022 medical trip

Friends, we are very excited to have the opportunity to travel to Cuba for a medical mission trip! We have 11 on our team which consist of one physician, a physician assistant, 3 nurses, pharmacist, a physical therapist, interpreter, and 3 pastors and teachers. We will have 2 full day clinics while there and usually see 60 patients each day. We will also have the opportunity to meet in house churches and speak with youth groups for 2 days as we will be issued religious visas from the government. The last 2 plus years have been tough on everyone globally in regard to shortages of everything. Cuba is no exception. We will be able to pack over 20 bags of medicine and medical equipment of up to 50 lbs each to take down. We have collected stethoscopes, otoscopes and other much needed equipment to use and leave for the medical staff. We will have 3 Cuban doctors and 3 nurses working along side us and it’s such a beautiful experience for everyone. We have purchased $5000 in medicine and are looking to purchase more in the next 3 weeks. It’s such a blessing to serve others in the name of Christ! Anyone wanting to help financially is more than welcome. We have a 501C3 that is tax deductible and I will send you a letter of donation for tax purposes. We would appreciate your prayers for our safety and that God will be glorified in all we do while there. I will send out a report upon our return. In His Love, Steve