Difficult times on the Island

Friends, many of you have seen the news of the Cuban people in the street protesting because of their need for food and medicine. They are hungry and in need of medicine! It’s unprecedented for the population to go into the streets in protest. Also stateside cities in Tampa, Miami, and Orlando are rallying for the people of Cuba. We are packing a 40 ft. Container of food to send to the church partner in Alamar in east Havana. These meals are freeze dried vegetables, beans, rice and protein powder that are individually sealed and packed into boxes. Each box contains 36 meals and and will be packed on pallets. Each pallet contains 14,256 meals and 20 pallets on the container means roughly 280,000 meals. The cost of the meals nets out to 21 cents per meal, or 58,000.00. Southeast Christian is picking this up. Our organization Selfless Community is responsible for the shipping cost, 15,000.00 plus and additional 1800.00 to get the container from customs in Mariel to the church in Alamar. We are also sending additional canned meat and vegetable oil. And lastly getting 17,000.00 of Isuzu engine parts to send for them to repair their truck so they can deliver food to families across the island. Glad to receive a check to help in the effort if you are moved to do so. God bless you! Steve