March 2019 trip

We had 6 on our team and had a wonderful time! Our team included 3 pastors so it was a great opportunity to share Christ with folks in their homes, on the street, and in teaching settings. Campo Amor is the foundation we partner with there in Cuba along with First Christian Church of Alamar. Pastor Eduardo is a longtime brother and friend and he and his team provided many opportunities for community involvement and continued relationship building.
We were able to take food, clothing, and other basic needs for those areas of Regla and El Roble that suffered damage from the first tornado in 80 years. We also took funds for building materials to repair damage to many homes. Thanks to many kind friends here in the U.S. that made generous contributions to our foundation we were able to assist many families. The Cuban people are just so grateful for the help and have such sweet hearts it’s impossible to not love them. I have traveled there so many times that many have become part of my family and it’s pure joy to be with them.
Another opportunity we had was to help them secure an apartment in a neighborhood about 40 minutes from the church. There is not a house church in the area and currently there’s the start up of a kids ministry there. They already have 20 kids that participate in a meeting on Thursday early evenings, followed by 10-12 adults from 7-8 p.m. It’s a very cramped space outside and the apartment privides plenty of room and has a terrace on top that is fenced in and can host many kids as well as adults. The kids director and her husband are selling the place they have lived for 20 years and relocating to the new place with their son. The husband will be the house church Pastor and she will lead the kids ministry. It’s a bold move and they feel called to lead in this community.
I traveled down last month to deliver the rest of the funds collected so we now have enough to make it happen. Again it wouldn’t be possible without the help of many here who are so kind to contribute to this ministry.
Our next trip is scheduled for Oct. 9-14 and we have a need for more that would like to make the trip. Give it some thought and prayer and just let me know. God bless each and every one of you.