October 31-November 4 2018

We had a wonderful trip that was full of service and outreach. We love to build relationships and that is the key to reaching those in need of a relationship with Christ. The first two days were picking up litter and trash on the streets in the neighborhood of Alamar. There are many lessons involved in doing this type of activity. First it’s a dirty and humble job that nobody wants to do. So by doing this in front of the people it sends a message of humility that is what Christ ask us to model. It also is meaningful because we are able to interact with people walking on the street and explain what and why we are doing it. We explain that they have a beautiful community and should be proud of it and want to keep it clean. Also when stuff piles up it creates even more problems in regard to disease and unhealthy environment for kids playing outside. We also give them information about the nearby church and give them the book of John in Spanish. The goal is to give the community a different mindset that even though the government owns it they should take pride in it . The dumpsters are for the most part always full so it will take some time to get them to use a different form of pickup and and collection. In the meantime we can use the symbolism in our message of keeping ourselves clean from sin and sinful nature by developing a relationship with Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to be the Counseler in our decisions. We also met with the youth on Saturday morning and spoke about responsibility and accountability for our actions and decisions. It was an interactive group of about 30 young people ages 16-20. They are the future of the church there and need to understand the importance of being a role model to the younger kids in the community. Sunday was speaking in house churches during worship and early afternoon was Baptism at a nearby beach in Bacuranao. We hope to continue to stay the course on follow up trips. Next scheduled trip is March 6-12, 2019. Please go with us!