Project MARCH 2018

Friends, our new project will begin in March 2018. We want to instill some community pride in Alamar and hope it will be a contagious effort. Because the residents do not own anything outside of their homes and an occasional yard area, lots of garbage needs to be picked up and no individuals are in a hurry to do it. The plan is to start picking up garbage in the street 2 times per week in Zone 1 of Alamar. It’s left up to the government to pick it up and when hurricanes or storms hit lots of debris is gathered to the side of the road. This piles up over time and we want to make it a cleaner, more aesthetic looking neighborhood. We have a large truck with a lift bed to take the garbage to the city dump. We will have a free home cooked dinner at the church for the cleanest street for that month. All those that live on the winning street will come to the church for a great meal. During that time we can explain what the church is about and share Christ with them. Awesome opportunity to do a great work in many ways. We want to build on this and grow the community closer together and hope to start a recycling program as well. If interested please let me know. Blessings to you! Steve