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February 2023 trip

We have a trip planned for February 2023 and have 9 people on the team. We are planning on several different activities this trip and it is an interesting group of folks. Our main focus is always ministry representing Jesus Christ and teaching the love that comes from the Holy Spirit. One of our friends is going to teach a start up business course to a group of young people, and this will be a full day with handout information in Spanish.
Two more will be spending a day and a half teaching on the indwelling Spirit of Christ in our lives. “Not I but Christ” as stated in Galatians 2:20.
We will also take a trip to the westernmost area of the island that suffer much damage from the hurricane Ian that hit Florida in September. We are taking them much needed medicine and getting and idea of needs going forward.
We also will spend time in youth ministry at the church on Saturday and speak at house churches Sunday morning. It’s going to be a wonderful time spent with wonderful people. Our next planned trip is in august of next year, Happy New Year!

August 2022 medical trip

Friends, we are very excited to have the opportunity to travel to Cuba for a medical mission trip! We have 11 on our team which consist of one physician, a physician assistant, 3 nurses, pharmacist, a physical therapist, interpreter, and 3 pastors and teachers. We will have 2 full day clinics while there and usually see 60 patients each day. We will also have the opportunity to meet in house churches and speak with youth groups for 2 days as we will be issued religious visas from the government. The last 2 plus years have been tough on everyone globally in regard to shortages of everything. Cuba is no exception. We will be able to pack over 20 bags of medicine and medical equipment of up to 50 lbs each to take down. We have collected stethoscopes, otoscopes and other much needed equipment to use and leave for the medical staff. We will have 3 Cuban doctors and 3 nurses working along side us and it’s such a beautiful experience for everyone. We have purchased $5000 in medicine and are looking to purchase more in the next 3 weeks. It’s such a blessing to serve others in the name of Christ! Anyone wanting to help financially is more than welcome. We have a 501C3 that is tax deductible and I will send you a letter of donation for tax purposes. We would appreciate your prayers for our safety and that God will be glorified in all we do while there. I will send out a report upon our return. In His Love, Steve

Great news 2021 and 2022

There are many things we can be thankful for during 2021 and the beginning of 2022! In spite of the adversity of Covid and the suffering most of us experienced we were able to benefit our brothers and sisters in Cuba. Our medical supply container arrived to the church in April 2021. Desperately needed medical equipment, medicine, and many other items were delivered to many in need. In addition Southeast Christian packed a million meals that were staged in 4 containers to ship 90 days apart. Two of those have been delivered to the church and have been delivered across the island to hungry families. The second one arrived Christmas Eve and it contained cooking oil and canned meat in addition to 200k meals. We also were allowed to load a much needed new engine for the truck so more deliveries can be made. Thanks to so many of our wonderful donors we were able to put together a second medical container the end of 2021 and it is scheduled to leave Savannah 2/4/22 and the ETA to Cuba 2/27/22! Praise God for His love! We have a small team going down in March to get an idea of travel restrictions and the process involved as many things have changed.
We will begin to schedule trips once we have a better understanding of everything. God bless each of you!

Difficult times on the Island

Friends, many of you have seen the news of the Cuban people in the street protesting because of their need for food and medicine. They are hungry and in need of medicine! It’s unprecedented for the population to go into the streets in protest. Also stateside cities in Tampa, Miami, and Orlando are rallying for the people of Cuba. We are packing a 40 ft. Container of food to send to the church partner in Alamar in east Havana. These meals are freeze dried vegetables, beans, rice and protein powder that are individually sealed and packed into boxes. Each box contains 36 meals and and will be packed on pallets. Each pallet contains 14,256 meals and 20 pallets on the container means roughly 280,000 meals. The cost of the meals nets out to 21 cents per meal, or 58,000.00. Southeast Christian is picking this up. Our organization Selfless Community is responsible for the shipping cost, 15,000.00 plus and additional 1800.00 to get the container from customs in Mariel to the church in Alamar. We are also sending additional canned meat and vegetable oil. And lastly getting 17,000.00 of Isuzu engine parts to send for them to repair their truck so they can deliver food to families across the island. Glad to receive a check to help in the effort if you are moved to do so. God bless you! Steve

We need to help

Friends there is a desperate need for medicine on the island of Cuba. Many people are in dire need for basic over the counter medicine as well as more specific prescription meds. We are in the process of collecting donations to purchase the necessary items and trying to organize a trip to hand carry these items. Just waiting for the island to open up for travel, put a team together, and hand carry as much a possible to deliver to Pastor Eduardo and the church in Alamar. We will be organizing another container of medical equipment, supplies , and more medicine to be shipped later in the summer. Always appreciate the wonderful love and support of so many of you to assist these wonderful friends in Christ in Cuba!

Humanitarian Container

I sent an email to around 40 friends that have traveled to Cuba on mission trips or have supported the ministry in the past. We are sending a 40 ft. Container to our partner church in Alamar with much needed medical equipment and supplies along with pallets of food packets from southeast Christian. We are halfway to our cost of 15,000.00 to fill it and ship it to Havana. Many thanks to all those that have been so kind to donate so generously to this cause. We hope to have it loaded and ready to ship by the end of the month. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated.
In Christ,

Covid19 and missions

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how God is working for our good through difficult times and suffering. We must trust in Him and believe that He is in control through all things. Right now we are disrupted from our normal daily activities and it’s time for us to recognize Him. All the distractions of busyness, sports, entertainment activities, even interaction with folks up close and personal have ceased. Things will never be the same and it’s only the beginning of the future on this earth. God is asking for our attention. Many people have weighed in on the significance of what is happening. Brian Coatney has a daily blog at briancoatneydotcom that is excellent, as is Bob Russell’s each week at . I suggest you read these if you are confused and it will help you navigate through all the negative. The Holy Spirit is our source of counsel, comfort, and discernment and we receive rest and freedom from the anxious times like these from the source of God’s Spirit.

Recap of medical trip Feb 25-Mar 2

Friends, we had a wonderful trip to Cuba that allowed us to take a great deal of medicine and medical supplies to surrounding areas of Havana and Pinar del Rio. Our team was fantastic and everyone worked together in unison. We had 2 triage stations set up and 4 physicians working together from both Cuba and the U.S. Our first day in Alamar 120 people were seen and treated. The second day in Arroyo was about the same amount and there were more kids seen in this area. The people were so grateful and kind, it just makes us feel so blessed to be able to help in a small way.
Fortunately we were able to take the trip just before the explosion of Covid19 which would have totally impacted our trip. The following day on Saturday we took medicine and supplies to the San Luis area of Pinar del Rio. Again, everyone was very grateful. In the afternoon we drove to Vinales which is so beautiful and enjoy the countryside.
I want to thank each teammate Dr. Dan, Dr. Christian, Norma, Glenn, Dee, Don, Pastor Linda, Kelly, Mark, Daniel, and Jay for their loving hearts and patience.
Sunday we split up into groups of 3 and shared the Gospel with 4 house churches. We were treated so well and everyone bends over backward to make sure we are as comfortable as possible.
I miss them all!

February medical trip!

Friends, I’m so excited to make our first medical trip to Cuba February 26-March 2! We have a great team of 12 awesome folks going. Half of the team is in the medical profession, 3 members of the team has a great deal of experience in medical missions so I’m super fired up about the team God has drawn together for this trip. We will be working with 2 Cuban physicians and a nurse there. Setting up in two different neighborhoods the first two days and then traveling to the westernmost part of the island on day 3 to take much needed medical supplies to 2 different areas. Sunday will be preaching and teaching in the house churches as we will divide up into pairs and visit 6 house churches in the east Havana area. Prayers for our team to glorify God in all we encounter.

Latest trip news!

What a wonderful trip we had earlier this month! Sylvia was filled with the Spirit and taught wonderfully. Romans 6,7,8 was the text and the friends in attendance were so receptive to the message and want to learn more about our Spirit union with Christ. I wish I could write about the experience that could give you the same feeling we experienced during this time. We will follow up with a trip next year and you are welcome to join us if interested.
We are looking at a couple of trips next Spring. End of February/first of March medical clinic and another trip in April to teach the Spirit union message. Come along, you’re gonna love it!