Financial assistance request 2/13/19

Friends, we have a couple of needs we want to try to meet in Cuba. First, a little over 2 weeks ago a strong force tornado ripped areas in East Havana causing extensive damage to homes and 6 people were killed and 95 people injured. It’s the first time a tornado of that force had hit the island in 80 years. We are looking to raise money to assist the over 2000 homes that were either destroyed completely or heavily damaged. We need to buy windows, roofing materials, tools, etc. Some items such as door locks and many tools aren’t available there so we’ll need to purchase them here and hand carry on our trip March 6th.
The other need is to help the partner church purchase a 2 bedroom apartment with a terrace and community backyard to use for children’s ministry and a Christian center. The area is in the Playa area west of downtown Havana. We currently don’t have a lot of outreach in that area. A wonderful opportunity as the cost is $55,000 USD and the reason it is so cheap is the owners have left the country and need to sell it quickly. We currently have 14,400 pledged toward the purchase. Every donation helps. It’s in a very safe area and doesn’t need any work really to start the move in. We appreciate any help and can get you a letter of confirmation for tax purposes.